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January 01, 2018 at 6:21 pm by simon


In this section you can download Pivot Points for MetaTrader4:

download daily, weekly, monthly Pivot Points indicator for MetaTrader4

I tried to find the best Pivot Points indicator for a long time. I like this one the best, because of possible options. You can select periods for Pivot Points calculation, you can draw:

  • 1-hour Pivot Points
  • 4-hour Pivot Points
  • daily Pivot Points
  • weekly Pivot Points
  • yearly Pivot Points

This indicator also draws Pivot Points history. This is a great option, because it helps to analyze trading system on historical price action. When you are trading Forex, you should pay attention to the Pivot Points. It works great on Forex pairs but also Pivot Points are in use by traders in CFD handel.

About Pivot Points

Pivot Points lines are calculated based on previous open, high, low, close data. So if we are using daily Pivot Points then lines are calculated on open, high, low, close from previous day. On chart we have:

  • Pivot line – middle line
  • resistance lines – R1, R2, R3… They are above Pivot line and are possible reversal levels when price is going up
  • support lines – S1, S2, S3… They are below Pivot line and are possible support levels when price is going down
  • middle lines – with MM labels – lines in the middle between supports and resistance lines


You can use Pivot Points in trading Forex, stocks, commodities and other instruments.


Unzip file.
In Metatrader4 open File menu (left top) and select Open Data Folder. You should see a new window with MT4 folders and files. Something similar to the screen below:

metatrader4 folder

Go to unzipped folder. Move content from MQL4/Indicators to the same folder in MT4 window.
Do the same with templates. Go to the Templates folder and copy content to the same folder in MT4 window.

Questions? Leave a comment and I will try to help you.


  • Umut January 1, 2018


    I would like to ask something. What are the meanings of the red and green colours on the screen? Thank you very much..

    • Quoc Huy January 1, 2018

      Good morning,

      Can you post a indicator Pivot point from year 2014 from old website marketsurvival ?

      • simon January 1, 2018

        sorry, all I have and use in my trading is in the download section. I do not have that indicator anymore.

  • simon January 1, 2018

    red and green marks resistance and support from M line to support (S2)/resistance (R2) line. M line is simply middle line. S2 and R2 lines are most often a target for current swing move. Between R1 and R2 line, in the middle is M line (and area up to the R2 has red background). Same with S1 and S2, but area between M line and S2 line has green background.

    Or to put it in more simple explanation:
    – red area is where you look to take profits from shorts
    – green area is where you look to take profits from long

  • Solomon January 1, 2018

    Your tutorial has been so helpful to me.
    Thanks and God bless.

  • Ray January 1, 2018

    Hi Bro,

    Thanks for providing this indicator, hopefully it will take my trading to the next level.
    It all looks a mess at the moment,what settings should i be using?
    I have changed the hourly settings to false
    I can see Ypp/ Ym/ Yr/ Ys
    Do you have a video explaining the settings or instructions available?

  • hamilton January 1, 2018

    Hi Simon,

    I am struggling to downloads pivot points to my MT4.

    Please help.


    • simon January 1, 2018

      Hi Hamilton.

      What’s the problem? I’ve checked download and everything is fine. If you have problems with installation write to me or check some YT videos – you can find there good tutorials on MT4.

  • Stiaan January 1, 2018

    Hi, Thanks for the awesome indicator.

    I am trying to use the indicator on 1h and daily, but as soon as I load the hourly the daily disappears.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks again.

  • sellem January 1, 2018

    hello Simon
    very great system !!!!
    I enjoy it each day do you have a youtube channel with some strategies with it thanks a lot

  • Tuhel January 1, 2018

    I just have downloaded and it seems OK, but would you please share a video explaining the way you trade based on this pivot lines. I used to follow FX Pivot which is only for Hourly.

    It will be great If I could get your support on this issue.

    • simon January 1, 2018

      I plan a trading course where I show exactly how to combine this tools alltogether. Subscribe to newsletter so you get info when course will be out.

  • Kavika January 1, 2018

    Thank you so much for the pivot indicator. You’re the best!

    • simon January 1, 2018

      Thanks, Kavika! Hope you will have success with it.

  • Anthony January 1, 2018

    I also downloaded the indicator but it looks messy

    • simon January 1, 2018

      You have to set higher time frame in settings. Let’s say you trade on 1h TF, then you have to set Pivot Points to daily or weekly. It is all in the settings, play with it.

  • Cyril January 1, 2018


    Where can i download monthly, weekly and daily pivot points for MT4

    Kind Regards

    • simon January 1, 2018

      c’mon mate 🙂 there is a link “download daily, weekly, monthly Pivot Points indicator for MetaTrader4” in the top of this post… just click it 🙂

  • Eric January 1, 2018


    This pivot indicator is very nice, but it lacks a feature of changing color of the PP? I use a black background on my charts and then the PP is not visible because it’s black only.
    An extra option to at least change this color would be an improvement, instead of changing all the charts…

  • ramzam January 1, 2018


    anyone know about this type of pivot indicator..

    • simon January 1, 2018

      what type? looks like normal daily pivot indicator plotted on 1h chart

  • Craig January 1, 2018

    Hi Simon, do you know of PPoints for mt5?

    • simon January 1, 2018

      yeah, I know for sure that there are some PP for Metatrader 5. I tested some PP a while ago, but you have to google it 🙂

  • Elliot January 1, 2018

    how do i turn off the middle pivot line so its not showing and just show the support\resistance lines for weekly trades? i also use fractels indicator to show a reversal in price at these levels.

    • simon January 1, 2018

      Hi Elliot. I don’t think it is possible from the options menu.

      The fastest way should be editing MQL code of indicator. Go to the code and remove pivot line or change color to transparent. If you struggle to do that, find some programmer who will help you with that (you can find MQL programmers on upwork.com for example).

      • Elliot DeBonee January 1, 2018

        I think i set it up properly now. im just showing the weekly lines. i did not modify the code. im just showing just weekly lines with daily for the timeframe. Im also using fractels indicator that shows reversals.

  • Kien January 1, 2018

    when I choose monthly = true, the indicator is lagged behind. not at the right time

  • Elliot January 1, 2018

    how do I change the color of the weekly pivot point it is black on my chart, a black line and the backround in mt4 is black. i did change the backround to white but im used to a black backround.

    • simon January 1, 2018

      you have to edit a code of this indicator or ask some programmer to help you with that

  • myles January 1, 2018

    Hi Simon,

    Great Indicator, I’m looking at the daily pivot points, and it looks like they are done off a 24 hour period on the chart 0:00 – 0:00 the next day. This doesn’t work too well for indices where these periods don’t match the market trading hours. Do you know how to change the periods that the indicator uses to calculate the close of the market?



    • simon January 1, 2018

      Nope. You have to check other software like tradingview.com and others. Maybe there you will find settings you will be happy with.

  • danushka January 1, 2018

    excuse me sir can i know how to add this indicator

    • simon January 1, 2018

      there is an explanation in the post

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