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January 01, 2018 at 8:39 pm by simon

In this section you can download DEMA (Double Expotential Moving Average) for Metatrader4:

download DEMA (Double Expotential Moving Average) for Metatrader4

The file also includes MACD and RSI based on DEMA.

About DEMA

Every trader is familiar with basic moving averages such as:

  • Simple Moving Average (SMA)
  • Expotential Moving Average (EMA)
  • Linear Weighted Moving Average (LWMA)
  • Smoothed Moving Average (SMMA)

SMA and EMA are the most popular one. They work nicely in a stock market, but in faster markets (or lower time frames) they tend to lag. That is why traders kept on improving averages and that is why we can use other types of averages. DEMA is one of them.

The double exponential moving average (DEMA) was developed by Patrick Mulloy to reduce the lag time. It was first described in 1994, in the Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine in Mulloy’s article “Smoothing Data with Faster Moving Averages”.

DEMA can also be used in indicators which are based on moving averages (MACD, Bollinger Bands, others)

Differences between DEMA and other averages

Let’s take popular pair of 21 and 55 expotential averages:


And pair of 21 and 55 double expotential moving averages:


You can see that DEMA averages follow price more closely.

Installation of DEMA (Double Expotential Moving Average) in Metatrader4

Unzip file.

In Metatrader4 open File menu (left top) and select Open Data Folder. You should see a new window with MT4 folders and files. Something similar to the screen below:

metatrader4 folder

Go to unzipped folder. Move content from MQL4/Indicators to the same folder in MT4 window.

Do the same with templates. Go to the Templates folder and copy content to the same folder in MT4 window.

Questions? Leave a comment and I will try to help you.


  • kavitha January 1, 2018

    which DEMA can be used for 1 hour time frame ?

    • simon January 1, 2018

      I stick to basic periods so 21, 55, 100, 200. You should check how ito works on historical data with your trading strategy. Every trader has a different approach and you should experiment with settings 🙂

  • Moka January 1, 2018

    Hello Simon,
    i downloaded the file and it contains many indicators and a timplate and i have some questions.
    1- is the difference between DEMA MACD and 3 DEMA MACD that the signal line is another DEMA in the 3 DEMA MACD ?
    2- what is DEMA RLH ? I put it on a chart and i found out its not the same as DEMA with the same period and when i tried to edit it i found it contains one EMA period but 3 colours so please explain what is difference and what is wrong about it.

  • Moka January 1, 2018

    Hello again Simon,
    iam using 21 and 55 DEMAs with the DEMA MACD and DEMA RSI but i wanna know from your experience What is the best periods to use in MACD and RSI that work well with those 21 and 55 DEMAs

    • simon January 1, 2018


      I usually use settings like RSI 9 or 14 and for MACD 12,26,9 or 21,33,9. But it’s me. You may find that different settings work better – depends from FX pair, from timeframe… That’s why you have historical data so you can see how each indicator worked in the past and you can optimize indicator for current FX pair.

  • fabrizio January 1, 2018

    Is it possible have a DEMA indicator with dashboard MT?

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