Interesitng situation on higher TFs – will last quarter be on fire?

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In my trading, I use mostly Fibonacci combined with Pivot lines (daily and weekly pivots). Still, there are times when I check yearly Pivot lines. You may find examples below very interesting. Why Pivot Points lines They are calculated on price, many traders and fund managers follow them. Same

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Swing trading is a popular trading method. This topic is wide, but I will try to present you my approach. If you have any questions about that topic, please feel free to ask in a comment section. What is swing trading? Swing trading is a method of trading where

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This is the most common problem among traders. How to set stop loss to protect position but not to be stopped out too soon? The good news is that setting stop losses with Fibonacci trading tools is easier. In this article you can read about basics of setting stop

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The trend trading strategy is one that has been used for several years among the trading community. There are several financial instruments in which a trader may use to turn a profit through this strategy, and forex is no exception. In fact, the trend trading strategy is one of

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