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Why I started fibotrading.net

I like to trade and I like to write about trading and teach people how to trade better and earn money. I’ve read many books about trading, but only few of them were good enough to prepare you for market reality. That’s why I started this site 5 years ago.

You can trade better by gaining your trading edge. How? For example by trading with leading indicators, like Fibonacci tools, pivot points and building a solid trading plan around it.

What can you learn

I focus mostly on Fibonacci tools and pivot poinst. In addition, I add to this other tools such as moving averages, CCI, %R oscilators and others. I have my set of trading tools, but from time to time I use other tools.

I try to post many trade examples – some real, some missed opportunities. The goal is to see trading tools in action.

I also write about other trading techniques such as Renko or Trailing Stop Loss, so you can pick up your favorite ones and add to trading plan.

About Simon

My name is Simon, I trade stocks since 12 years and Forex since 6 years. What I’ve learned over this time is that it is possible to make money in the markets, but in the beginning it is bloody hard…

I live in Europe. I prefer to trade with medium to long time frames such as 1-hour, 4-hour or daily ones. The great thing about techniques I write on this site is that you can use it on any time frame – even the short one like 1-minute.

If you have any questions, go to contact page and just write to me!


  • john schofield November 2, 2011

    I have seen plenty of examples of Fibonacci being accurate to the tick.

    It certainly would be wonderful to trade with confidence using Fibonacci techniques. I am most interested to hear what educational training you have using Fib

    best wishes

    John Schofield

  • simon November 2, 2011

    Hey John.

    Yes, Fibonacci can be accurate to the tick. I was trading with many different indicators such as Ichimoku or most popular oscillators, but trading with Fibonacci gives you the best effects.

    I will write more about educational training very soon (few weeks maybe) 🙂

  • John Friedman November 2, 2011

    Simon: When the March contract on WTI was below $27 I knew the move down had reached panic stage and I used Fibonnaci retracement to see what a 61.8% retracement would be….It put the price at roughly $34.00. Confirming this was the Point and Figure chart on WTI which indicated that the move down price objective was $36.00. At the level we are now on the March contract, it appears the next move would be down……I suspect it is the move you describe as the pullback before going to ‘C’…..provided we are at a bottom on OIL…..Your thoughts……Thanks…

    • simon November 2, 2011

      Yes, you are right. 61.8% (based on last leg) is around 34$. I am still bearish on oil, but 25$ is a level where there might be a bottom and a range move. I wrote about it here http://www.marketsurvival.net/oil/is-oil-going-back-to-25/.

      When you look back, 25$ area is important because of supports from 90’s. Even if 25$ will not hold we can expect bottom somewhere near, so it is hard to give any advice. Any scenario is now possible 🙂

  • Joginder Singh November 2, 2011

    Hi Simon. I am a beginner in FOREX TRADING.Have been studding for some time.Now seen your site and lots of very informative material available free of charge. I can see the tremendous effort behind it. It will go long way to educate many,who are interested. It will also help many not to loose all their capital by following proper strategies, money management and stop losses.good work,keep it up. I will keep studding more. Wish you merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    Joginder singh

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