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We focus mostly on Fibonacci tools and pivot poinst. In addition, we add to this other tools such as moving averages, CCI and %R oscilators and others.

Let’s not forget about money managment and psychological aspects of trading.

I know what is hard for new traders and this is why I started this site. I write about tools and methods which helped me to survive and be profitable in my daily trading.

Most popular guides (all free):

fibonacci trading

The Advanced Guide to Fibonacci Trading

Learn how to use Fibonacci methods in your trading. Fibonacci trading techniques are very powerful and are used by many professionals. This guide will help you to trade with help of Fibonacci tools.

atr striling stop loss

The Advanced Guide to ATR Trailing Stop Loss

ATR stop is a a great way to catch bigger trends. Thanks to the ATR trailing stop loss line you have your stop loss level. It makes trading much easier. Learn how you can use it in practice.

Popular indicators:

Forex Trading Strategies guide
Have you read about various trading strategies and still don’t know how to use them?

This book presents best strategies, whcih you can use to trade successfulyy in Forex or stocks market.

Little theory, a lot of examples. This is how you can describe content of this guide. This way you will see strategy in action and learn how to use it.

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